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SoulTracker Method Training

Optimizing your Inner Foundation; Amplifying your Power.

Hello Hello! I'm Cedric Clitheroe, your Soultracker Guide.

You're here because you are tired of sleepwalking through life
You're tired of doing well, but feeling stuck at "this" level.
You want to flow in your life and trust your choices without the confusing back and forth.

 So what are we talking about here?

The ticket to the Soultracker Method isn't that it replaces your other tools, it's that it enhances them.

  • Awareness
  • Purpose
  • Strategy
  • Intuition
  • Action
  • Intellect
  • Emotion
  • Improvisation
  • Adaptation

...the list goes on. You've got an arsenal at your disposal. Let's organize the mess, and put Intuition in the driver seat where it belongs.

You live in world that is inundated with information. You're swimming in it! And it's usually good stuff! But at some point consuming information isn't going to cut it. And the further you wander, the more information you find.

In all of that noise, it's no wonder you lose track of where you are, what you want, and how to get there!

It's no wonder your power diminishes.

Self awareness is crucial in a world where the sky is the limit, because endless potential means endless choices. And in all of this, there's one thing that you have to trust more than any other: Yourself.

Have you ever had that feeling of fear down in your stomach when you're given a choice?

Something as simple as what to eat for lunch can twist your guts and it seems like everyone's watching you impatiently while you struggle to choose the sandwich shop or the pizza place. It's a sinking sensation of looking for something in a dark room without a flashlight. You're lost in there, on your hands and knees, and everyone is just watching you flail. So what do you do?

Your mind starts to race as it tries to analyze the options.

Nutritional comparisons, restaurant locations, and prices flood your brain.

Out of control thoughts as your bank account balance flashes next to the cost of a slice of pizza.

Meanwhile, you're not even sure which one sounds better. You have the distinct thought that, "This should not be so damn hard". And yet it is. It's as if there's a tool missing from the process and you know it's in you but you can't seem to figure out where the hell it is.

And that's just choosing what's for lunch.

What happens when something crucial hits the table? You've got a huge investment to consider with resources you earned, a profound decision that effects the comfort of your family, or a major change to your lifestyle that will effect everything in your life.

Maybe it's supposed to be fun: You've got to decide if you'll spend 3 weeks in South America, or 4 in South East Asia. What do you do?

The decision STILL comes down to which one you really wanted more!

But that confusing dance changes when you developed awareness and direct connection to YOUR intuition.

And your power AMPLIFIES AND ELEVATES when you optimize your inner world.


And here's the thing: Your normal will be intuitive flow. Finding the right path without all the mental clutter.

 You'll still use your arsenal of tools, when they fit. They'll complete the picture so you'll be in the perfect position to feel your path.

Awareness exposes the terrain.

Purpose points the way.

Intellect build a strategy.

All so that Intuition can be maximized in a world of endless choices.

And the Method...?

One crucial fact: You have Endless Potential and You must trust Yourself.

But potential without action is nothing. You need a way of translating one into the other with ease.

It's a map and compass, so to speak. And how you use them is up to you. When you graduate from this Training, you'll be right where you started, with one profound difference:

You'll be standing on a solid inner foundation, ready to kick ass.

You'll activate connections to not only your inner self, but also the environment you live in and the people you love. You'll pinpoint how your Intuition speaks to you. You'll utilize Strategy hacks and scheduling methods that enhance your intuition instead of suffocate it.

Let me ask you this:

How many times have you looked back at a decision you made (or didn't make) and thought, "Damn. I knew  that was the right choice. I felt it! And I went the other way because it just seemed smarter"?

You know what that is? Mental hijacking.

In a world driven by intellectual discourse, we've been brainwashed into thinking instead of feeling.

I'm not here to tell you which is the right decision. You don't nee another person telling you what to do. You've simply lost touch with the most powerful tool in your kit.

I'm simply here to show you how to listen again, turn down the noise, and track your Soul.

Are you ready?

Thank you for trusting yourself,

For investing in your power,

For joining us in this epic game called Life.

Your Soultracker Guide,

-Cedric Clitheroe

The Soultracker Method DIY Training...

...will be $582 by October 2017. Right now, you get access for...


This training will require an investment of...

  • $447 one time
  • Your time and energy tuned to the tasks at hand
  • Your willingness to do the work, and be real with us in the Soultracker Outpost

STM Training also includes

  • Access to the Soultracker Outpost for one month(usually $102/mo) .

Invest in yourself when you're ready.

I'm looking forward to seeing you level up.

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